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NanoCool - Nano-Technology Cooling Towel

  • Innovative Cooling Technology
  • Hyper-Evaporative Material
  • Cools Up to 4 Hours & Reusable
  • Durable & Machine Washable

Summer is challenging for older people and anyone involved in physical activity. Grab yourself this CoolX NanoCool towel now

  • Remain cool and safe during any hot day this summer
  • Just throw it into the freezer for an hour to cool it down
  • Remains cold for up to 4hrs even under the hot sun
  • Can be washed up to 1000 times (regular laundry cycles)

  • Up 4 Hours of Cooling
  • Keeps Your Body's Core Temperature Safe by Cooling Your Head Down

  • Lightweight & Easy to Fold
  • Travel-sized for Pockets, Backpacks, Home and Office Use, and More

  • High % of Absorption
  • Can Absorb a Significant Amount of Water While Cooling You Down

  • Nano-Technology Microfiber
  • Cools Your Skin Down While Feeling Comfortable and Luxurious. Washable up to 1000 times.