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MoskiX - USB Insect Zapper

  • Safe and Hygienical, Chemical Free
  • LED Lights Up to 40 Square Meter Coverage
  • Low Consumption With 5w USB Power
  • Portable and Ultra Silent

MoskiX is an USB powered, ultra-portable mosquito killer. It's safe for use inside your home and in your garden area with any powerbank. It's affordable, effective, and with its new photocatalyst Technology, the safest Mosquito Killer you can get without using any chemicals.

  • Innovative Photocatalyst Method
  • Phototaxis Wavelength Features Specifically for Harmful Insects

  • Highly Efficient
  • 360 Degree Omnibearing Trap With Air Flow Technology

  • Designed to Attract Mosquitos
  • Human Bionic Technology Increases the Attractiveness of Mosquitos

  • Ultra Silent Mode
  • You will not notice its plugged in!