Places to visit or things to do in Croatia

Croatia is Europe’s top tourist spots with more than 1,000 serene islands, pristine beaches, heritage sites, jewel-like lakes and a lot more. From rolling vineyards to sweeping coastal cliff, Croatia has covered everything in between and has something for every type of traveler.

What makes any place to be in your travel list is the appeal of the place, food, culture, access, budget and if you want to nest all these features in one place then Croatia is your next destination. This place has everything that gravitates every globetrotter to this place once in their lifetime and for luckiest ones over and over.

You can never get over Croatia for many reasons, no we're not talking about Italian plus exotic Meditarrian lip-smacking food culture, no we're not referring to rich culture and history behind the place, not even the sandy pristine beaches, and surely not about the gorgeous wine yards offering limitless options for wine lovers but for multiple activities that you can embark on your stay. Don't worry, we'll get back to the delicious food, wine yards, rich tradition and culture and the list is limitless. See I told you there is a lot to do.

There is a lot that you can explore in Croatia through the list is limitless but then we’ve chalked top best options that must be explored while your stay. These activities are doable, adventurous, pocket-friendly, and easy to access and will satisfy that travel junkie bug in your feet that craves for nothing but that spike of an adrenaline rush.

  • Hit the beach (Ideal for water babies)

Croatian coast is absolutely astounding for multiple reasons. The gorgeous beaches are set to take your breath away in just one flash. In nutshell, Croatia has what it takes to appeal all your senses. The water is pure, pristine, crystal clear and turquoise blue. And don’t forget the thousands of islands and islets.

Make sand castles, shallow and warm water, laid back on the beach bars, exhaust yourself with a game of volleyball or if you want to local then why not try picigin (a local game played in a shallow water with a small ball), and windsurfing.

  • Go snorkeling and scuba diving ( for deep divers)

 For those who want something extra from their lives, for deep divers, Croatia’s the Adriatic Sea is the place. Explore the underwater sea life and feel the utter calmness under deep and still waters. You might find yourself by exploring the place.

Experience the crystal clear underwater visibility, with no danger from sea creatures like sharks. Te Vega Sea Lake is on the most visited island of Susac southwest of Korcula by tourist every passing year. You can reach this dazzling sea lake by an underwater tunnel. Bisevo Cave near the island of Vis is also famous as Blue Cave. It offers an amazing dive. Off the island of Hvar green, there is a reef coated with brown and red algae and yellow coral. A view like this impeccable.

  • Go sailing ( sail lovers)

If you’re on a little fancy side of doing things, then why not try sailing and enjoy every bit of the beauty by sailing through it. This is how you get quality time with your loved ones, enjoying the wine and scrumptious lip-smacking food.

Enough bragging about the place, let’s get there. You can either rent a sailing boat with or without a crew if you don’t previously own one. However, there are many charter companies offer sailing boats, motor yachts or catamarans to rent. Rent is generally weekly, and the prices vary according to the season, and again it depends upon the type of boat, and additional services you might need.

  • Go on a wine tour (Trust us, you can’t get over tasting wines)

Taste one of the most sought-after signature wine from these wine yards.

  • Eat your way through Croatia ( Foodies paradise)

If food is what entices you the most, then you’re in for a treat. Croatian food is the classic combination of exotic Mediterranean and lovely Italian with a novel twist. And, don’t forget the luscious tasting wines.

  • Explore Continental Croatia

As a budget traveler, we advise you to go as local as possible and experience the real Croatian ways, and you’ll also get great value for your money. But then, also if you like to splurge, it’s still good value if you fancy a more lavish travel style. Every traveler is different, some like beaches, and some can’t resist the adventurous and pulsating nightlife of the place. While there are some who just want a luxury ambiance and little of sunshine every morning. Croatia is a place where you get total value on money if spend wisely or completely break the bank. The choice is completely yours!

  • Visit Waterfalls ( experience nature’s bounty )

It has been said time and again, nature has a soul in itself, Croatia waterfalls are the perfect exemplar for the maxim. If you’re a nature lover, then you won’t be able to resist the calmness, solitude, and utter serenity of this place. It is the best place to disconnect you from the mundane life and get connected with the real self.

  • Discover history ( Every place has an untold story)

Every place holds its story, likewise, Croatia has its own, and several Stone Age sites have been along with mysterious caves containing handmade objects from ancient time period followed by a Croatian architecture. Croatia entails 7 UNESCO World heritage sites and 8 national parks and there is more than meet the eyes.

When a place has so much to offer putting your finger few things get overwhelming.  Here’s why Croatia never gets a dip in their tourism in fact by every year it is growing exponentially. The best thing about this place is that it’s has something for everybody.  Every kind of tourist can feel like at home in Croatia.

Whether you’re a sunny visitor who prefers nature’s beauty in beaches, green lush wine yards or offbeat traveler looking for those adrenaline pumping activities Croatia has a lot to offer. We’re sure you’re convinced by now that selecting your activities or dodging others is surely a taxing task. What we can assure you is that you won’t ever regret your trip to Croatia whether you’re a romantic couple in search of romantic gateways, a family traveler, family or group travelers, solo travelers to first-time travelers, Croatia will welcome you from open hands.


Croatia has a Mediterranean climate, it simply means mild winters and stunning spring and summer seasons. The average of sunshine hours is 2,600 every year. That makes Croatia one of the brightest regions on the Mediterranean basin.


Croatian prices are astonishingly reasonable —, particularly when compared to other nearby European countries. It's standard in Croatia to offer rational pricing to tourists. You can enjoy a full hefty meal in a beautiful restaurant by the sea for around 10 euros.


Croatia has one of the most striking looking several lighthouses spread around the country. Many of them can be found located upon abandoned coastlines or on small islands in the open sea. This increases the appeal of the place. Visiting the lighthouses is a great way to experience this part of the country's history.

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