Every traveller is different and they look world from a unique view. Possibly you’re looking for lush forests? Croatia has those. Perhaps you want to check out a waterfall or two? Croatia has that too. And that’s not even stating what the country is most famed for the sandy pristine beaches! Suffice to say, picking the 8 most stunning spots in Croatia was not an easy task, but look below, we’ve done it.

Tourism here has a long rich history – there are smidgens of Roman summer villas on the Dalmatian islands – but it was first established on a large scale during the Yugoslav era, when big modern resort hotels, armed with exceptional sports facilities, were built along the Croatian coast. Sports were, and still are, extremely significant. Food is spectacular here especially Michelin starred restaurants complemented by underwater wineries, sublimely architecture, and not to forget the famous Plitvice National Park. Don’t get baffled we understand there is so much to handle in place and deciding which one to miss is overwhelming which is why we’ve listed must-have spots to explore on your visit to Croatia

With a population of just 4.2 million, Croatia’s sporting triumph is incredible – at the 2016 Olympics, Croatia won three five golds (rowing, sailing, and javelin), three silvers (water-polo, rowing and sailing), and two bronzes (boxing and high jump).

In the sphere of tourism, many lovers of the great outdoors come to Croatia precisely for its exploration-sports facilities – between the sea and the highlands, sailing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, rafting, mountain biking and rock climbing are all on the deal.

Top 8 Magical Places to Go In Croatia


Yes, you’re right it’s the same place you saw in the Game of Thrones on HBO lately. Once considered as prime jewels of the Adriatic to this date. It’s best-restored and walking through the city is a great way to relive the magical city witnessing the stunning views and blue mesmerizing waters that stretch around you as you go.

Dubrovnik is magical, old town, stunning views, rich history, and an absolute must-watch on the go. You won’t even realize how easily days will pass on walking around those magical places indulging in the rich history of the place.

As always summers is the peak season, with gazillions of cruises. So, it’s your wish if you want to tag along with the sailors or want to escape in the nearby places and snooze in the peak season. Trust us both are worth it!

Despite the heavy incoming of the tourist, there’s still a lot of wide variety of accommodation in Dubrovnik. All sorts of hotels are available for tourists depending upon their needs. If you prefer private beaches, secluded swimming areas, private pool villa we’ve got you covered.

There are multiple options for day trip as well nearby islands like Lokrum, Elafiti islands or Mljet, and Cavat. If you’re little on the adventurous side then a day trip to the neighboring countries of Montenegro and Bosnia & Hercegovina.

Plitvice Lakes

If you wish to witness the nature’s glory in all shapes and forms then do visit Plitvice Lakes, they’re one of the most famous tourist attractions around the world because of its impeccable beauty. It has everything beauty would have looks like majestic waterfalls, lush green forests and a pool of turquoise crystal clean water encircled by white sand borders. It’s like a wonderland, I am sure you could have imagined yourself already standing there with your mouth wide open. Yes, it’s spectacular. No wonder you would feel like heaven on earth.

Here’s why Croatia is so famous and you can never get enough from Croatia. Visiting this lake could the unforgettable experience of your life. Imagine yourself walking around sixteen interconnecting waterfalls bountiful of flora and fauna dropping down snakingly finding their way through lush green forests. They’re not less than that of travelers.

You can also opt for a boat tour along with a shuttle service that runs constantly for the visitors saving your time and energy hiking around the place. Since this place is world famous, it attracts millions of visitors in the summer season and the place gets unbearable. The parks are usually open all year round. So, the winter season is a good time to visit the place and explore with snow around. You can also go for a ski with your family and loved ones. This place is little offbeat in its nature but worth a shot. So, have you booked?

Hvar Town, island of Hvar

Experience the best of the best weather, and magnificently sensing lavenders in Hvar Town Island it’ like having the best of both worlds. Hvar is a magical place, considered as the perfect holiday destination you keep on reading the celebrities hopping in. No wonder, why Hvar is considered as Croatia’s upmarket islands.

Enjoy the most welcoming sunny weather with the most appealing fragrance of lavender, a mix of these two is enough to strike a perfect sonnet in mind, body, and soul. And, if you’re an artist by vocation then it's better we leave that to your imagination and creativity. This place is perfect giving your creativity along due boost. It comprised of some of the most stylish and elegant hotels and impeccable sights to lust for. Explore the place of your own even through Yacht watching is a great way to have a sense of perspective about the place. Nearby Hvar you’ll find pristine white sandy beaches, the Pakleni islands are one of the most talked about places nearby Hvar for a perfect day out. You’ll reach there by boats and spend rest of the day in the lap of the Mother Nature.


Every city has its own tale and Rovinj is no exception. The tale can take you down to the path through the millennia and entices with all tribal stories, empires, and rulers of ancient times. You can still find that look of that era in mismatched architecture and mostly in the pastel colors with the red roofs which can come together beautifully. If history entices you even a bit then you might find treasure in those roman streets. Or else you might find few gems who still speak the most extinct Roman language known as Istriot which was once very commonly used in the Roman era.


If you enjoy nightlife culture, short breaks spots with numerous sites, restaurants with a dash of shopping then you’ll insanely fall in love with Zagreb synonymous to Prague and a hot tourist attraction. Though bargaining is not included in the list. The best part about the place is accessibility with multiple flights from UK and Europe. If you reside in the UK and looking for a short break then it’s hardly two hours flight run. On the flip side, Zagreb is also connected with train, bus, and other routes. You can easily spend a couple of nights here without boring yourself.

You can spend your entire day walking hand in hand with your companion and still you can’t get over as there is so much to see in Upper and lower part of the town. It includes

Upper Town

  • St Marks’s Church,
  • Kamenita vrata,
  • Lotrscak Tower and more

Lower Town

  • The main square, Trg Bana Jelacica

 There are also plenty of galleries and institutions and, becoming a capital, there’ll be a handful of showings and proceedings taking place at any one time. Last but not the least, Nightlife here is fabulous. The place is full of bars and clubs which give you the taste of clubbing like nowhere else. Another best part about Zagreb is that you’ll never run out of options to live as there’re plenty of accommodations from budget hotels to exclusive ones. If you’re a traveler on the budget or simply don’t care to break the banks you’ll find your place as per your requirements.

Krka National Park

Located in central Dalmatia, Krka National Park is nearly 27,000 acres long, lured for its lush green trees, blue-green pools, twisting walkways, along with spurting waterfalls. These waterfalls are breath-taking, so freaking gorgeous that you will never want to leave Croatia. Since it is so popular it gets very jam-packed at the time and here’s why the number of visitors is limited in this region. So plan your trip accordingly. Missing this spot on the way is not less than that of a crime.

Mljet National Park

If planning a nice day-long trip from Dubrovnik then Mljet National Park is one of the best places to go. This National Park covers the entire western section and entails pristine pine trees, gorgeous saltwater lakes, and the small picturesque villages of Pomena and Polace. If the beauty of nature is what strikes you the most then take a day out and visit this National Park and enjoy the beauty of nature from close.

Pula Arena

Yes, there you go, it is Pula Arena you keep luring in European travel images, an amphitheater located in the town of Pula. What makes it more appealing is the fact that it is one of the top sixth largest Roman arenas still in existence. Lately, the arena has been used as a concert venue and has also appeared in movies, hosted several hockey games as well. It’s a place that inspires artists from all genres and walks of life. Whether you’re a writer, traveler, or a photographer you’ll take away inspiration in some of the other form. Since it’s the only remaining oldest Roman amphitheater still having its four sides towers it’s a must watch on your trip to Croatia.

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